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Dover, New Jersey
Morris County
Dover Public School District
Academy Street Elementary School is a public school located in Dover, New Jersey with 548 students in grades Pre-K-6.
Academy Street School has the longest active Parent Teacher Association in Morris County.
All students in grades three through six are issued a MacBook Air as a part of the school''s 1:1 technology initiative.
All classrooms are equipped with the latest in Promethean Board technology.
14 Academy Street
Dover, NJ 07801
Principal: Mr. David Marion
Students Share
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White 3%
Black 2%
Asian 1%
Hispanic 93%
American Indian or Native Alaskan 0%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0%
Multiracial 1%
School size
Female 44.3%
Male 55.7%
Economically disadvantaged students 73%
Students with disabilities 23%
English learners 3%
Homeless students 2%
Students in foster care 0%
Military-connected students 0%
Migrant students 2%
Students by grade
Average number of students per grade
Grade Percent of total students Students
Pre-K 4%
Kindergarten 11%
1st Grade 15%
2nd Grade 13%
3rd Grade 15%
4th Grade 15%
5th Grade 13%
6th Grade 14%
Academics Share
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English & language arts proficiency
of students

Math proficiency
of students

School climate Share
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Crime per 100 students
Incidents per year
Violence 0
Weapons 0
Vandalism 0
Substances 0
Harassment, intimidation, and bullying 2
Total incidents 2
Percent of students absent fewer than 10 days
Days absent Percent of students
0 days 4%
1 to 5 days 43%
6 to 10 days 36%
11 to 15 days 12%
Over 15 days 5%
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Spanish 75.7%
English 23.7%
Other 0.5%
About Share
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Learn more about Academy Street Elementary School.


Academy Street School is a diverse, close-knit school community of approximately 575 pre-kindergarten through sixth grade students and their teachers. The Academy Street School community is comprised of parents and educators that work together to push our children to become lifelong learners and productive members of our ever-changing society. The school's theme for the 2019-2020 school year is "Super Me".


The students of Academy Street School are exposed to a recently revamped curriculum that aims to meet and exceed the standards of excellence set forth by the state of New Jersey. The curriculum focuses on implementing pedagogical best practices and student-centered technology to meet the needs of the 21st Century Learner. Teachers are responsible for creating dynamic and engaging lesson plans that reflect the needs of the children. In our efforts to educate the whole child, Academy Street school infuses character education and service learning opportunities throughout the curriculum.


The local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have a presence at the school through their use of the gymnasium to host their meetings and activities. Additionally the Dover Recreation department uses the facilities to host many of their extracurricular activities.


Programs are designed to ensure that the needs of our students are being met. Title One funds were used to facilitate an after-school tutoring program, a Saturday PARCC Prep program, and a summer school program, all of which are aimed to build and strengthen the foundational skills of our learners. The Neighborhood House facilitates an after-school program at the school which works with a variety of community organizations to make special programs available for the students.


Professional development for staff continues to be a top priority and is provided throughout the year. With the landscape of education continually changing, the district provides its teachers with opportunities to stay current in their field. Professional Learning Communities allow teachers to work collaboratively to enhance their pedagogical knowledge and implement a wide variety of effective teaching practices.


Title One funds are used to facilitate an after-school tutoring program, a Saturday PARCC Prep program, and a summer school program, all of which are aimed to build and strengthen the foundational skills of our learners. Self Contained, Resource Room, and Push-In special education programs are in place for classified students with an IEP.


Academy Street School has a school-wide lunch and breakfast program that follows the state regulated nutrition guidelines. Additionally, the school has qualified for the Healthy Snack program, which provides fruits and vegetables to all students three days a week. Students participate in physical education and health classes on a weekly basis, as well as participate in active recess on a daily basis.


Academy Street School is host to a very active Parent Teacher Association. This organization provides wonderful educational opportunities for our students through their field trip programs and by brining professional programs to the school that enhance the curriculum. This group of dedicated parents provide opportunities for all members of the school community to engage in wonderfully planned family activities through their Family Fun Night initiative.


Over the past few years, Academy Street School has been the recipient of numerous upgrades. The school has replaced all of its boilers with new state of the art heating systems, air conditioning has been added to the majority of the classrooms, new ceilings and lighting were installed in the hallways, the old roof has been replaced, a new playground was built, and the parking lots have been paved.

School safety

Protocols are in place to ensure the safety of students and staff. The School Safety Team and School Climate Committee meet on a regular basis to ensure that all protocols are being implemented.


Academy Street School offers a variety of STEM education programs both in school and after school with the use of "Club Invention" kits and curriculum. The after school STEM program is offered twice a year to the first 40 students able to participate in each rotating program.

Early childhood

Academy Street School is home to a special needs Pre-school classroom. This program runs two half day programs with certified special education teachers. Additionally services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech are made available to the students in this classroom.


When it comes to technology and educating the 21st Century Learner, Academy Street School is second to none. Cutting edge technology is available in every classroom at the school. From interactive Promethean Boards in every room, to the 1:1 Macbook initiative for students in grades three through six, Academy Street School students are equipped with the latest and greatest in student-centered technology. The school also has a fully functioning Mac computer lab, the Media Center is furnished with 18 Mac computers, iPad and Mac laptop carts are available for classroom use, and all fifth and sixth grade students were given Kindles as part of the school’s summer reading initiative. Academy Street School provides its students the opportunity to participate in socially conscious programs. Academy Street students participate in programs that include, but are not limited to, engaging with patients from a local nursing home, collecting supplies and raising money for the 11th Hour Animal Rescue Group, and conducting a food drive for the Interfaith Food Pantry. Students engage in a variety of other programs focused on enhancing the curriculum with real world applications.

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