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Hamilton, New Jersey
Mercer County
Hamilton Township Public School District
Emily C. Reynolds Middle School is a public school located in Hamilton, New Jersey with 897 students in grades 6-8.
Aviation Club: funded through a Grant to purchase simulation equipment to teach students how to fly.
Award Winning Vocal, Band and String participants: Music in the Parks.
RMS Yearly Drama Performance: Crew and Cast Recognition

Each month six students (two per grade) are recognized by the teaching staff and honored by the Principal as "Students of the Month". Also, selected eighth grade students are invited to an end of the year Academic Award Ceremony. They are honored for All A's (eighth grade and three years), Presidential Awards, Subject Awards, and an in house Don Simms Award for overall character and academic achievement.

2145 Yardville Hamilton Square
Hamilton, NJ 08690
Principal: Mrs. Patricia Landolfi-Collins
Students Share
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White 60%
Black 12%
Asian 3%
Hispanic 22%
American Indian or Native Alaskan 0%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0%
Multiracial 2%
School size
Female 46.5%
Male 53.5%
Economically disadvantaged students 27%
Students with disabilities 16%
English learners 3%
Homeless students 0%
Students in foster care 0%
Military-connected students 0%
Migrant students 0%
Students by grade
Average number of students per grade
Grade Percent of total students Students
6th Grade 33%
7th Grade 35%
8th Grade 32%
Academics Share
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English & language arts proficiency
of students

Math proficiency
of students

School climate Share
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Crime per 100 students
Incidents per year
Violence 32
Weapons 1
Vandalism 4
Substances 7
Harassment, intimidation, and bullying 6
Total incidents 50
Percent of students absent fewer than 10 days
Days absent Percent of students
0 days 4%
1 to 5 days 34%
6 to 10 days 30%
11 to 15 days 16%
Over 15 days 17%
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English 84.2%
Spanish 7.7%
Other 5.8%
Creoles and pidgins, French-based 1.3%
Creoles and pidgins, English based 1.0%
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Learn more about Emily C. Reynolds Middle School.


The mission of Reynolds Middle School is to provide for the optimum intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth for each student. This mission is backed by curricular goals, addressing student learning styles, providing a safe and nurturing environment as well as preparing our students for a successful high school experience. The staff and parents of Reynolds Middle School are committed to an educational program of excellence and growth for all students.


Three academic levels are offered in math and two in ELA. General courses are aligned to the NJSLS. Enriched levels address above level standards. Advanced enriched courses are offered that prepare students for HS Algebra I, and HS Honors Geometry. Students can take HS Spanish I in 8th grade. Math and ELA meet daily for 80 minutes, while science and SS meet for 80 minutes blocks every other day. Every student receives instruction in Health, PE, foreign language, technology and the arts.


Drama club - annual musical. Eagle’s Eye newspaper and the Yearbook club students write articles and photograph the school year. Early Act – organizes clothing drives, Thanksgiving food baskets, and holiday toy drive. Student Council - fundraisers, school dances, and spirit days. Willow Tree - teens become advocates against alcohol and tobacco use. Aviation club - students interested in flying. STEM and Robotics' club - explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through fun, hands-on activities. New 2019-2020 a Sports Club / Program has been organized for all students interested and eligible under the "In Good Standing" clause written under the District's Code of Conduct.


School starts at 8:25. Students are permitted into the building at 8:00. Students are supervised from 8:00–8:15 in the auditorium, cafeteria or gymnasium. Students with teacher issued passes are permitted to classrooms for additional instructional help. Teachers are also available for additional help after school from 3:00-4:00. A one hour homework help opportunity runs once per week from Oct.- May. Tutoring is also offered twice per week from Jan.-May. Jazz band meets before school once per week.


Reynolds faculty consists of 3 Administrators, 78 teachers, 4 counselors, a child study team, and 18 assistants. Every school year the staff is placed into Professional Learning Communities to articulate standards in common subject areas, how to apply Best Practices into lesson plans, utilize Google Classroom and learn new strategies to engage students within the classroom. PLC's also incorporate a book study that aligns with student social and emotional learning. The district also provides PD days for all staff members to discuss data and learn about new educational trends.


ESL supports students with cultural transitions and language acquisition. Options for Students with disabilities are: Self-contained classes - small group instructions. Resource room - ELA and Math with small group instruction. Inclusion classes are taught by a general education teacher and a special education teacher or a classroom assistant. Autistic program for middle school age students is a comprehensive program of life skills and academics.


Breakfast is served at RMS for any student interested. Free / reduced lunch students are provided with breakfast from 8:00-8:20 am daily. During lunch, Healthy Living contests take place. Students have the opportunity to assess their healthy living knowledge and food choices. All grade levels receive a specific 45 day health curriculum. Sixth Grade: Changes in Adolescence, Seventh Grade: Life Style Decisions, Eighth Grade: Relationships. PE is also offered one full semester of the school year.


HTSD provides all parents with access to PowerSchool Parent Portal. This allows parents to keep track of daily attendance, grades, and stores all family demographic information. RMS has a very supportive PTA. The executive board holds meetings once a month to discuss and provide the students with class trip funding, fundraiser incentive shows, a sponsored Trenton Thunder baseball game in the spring, along with highlighting art and history classes during the annual Founder’s Day celebration.


Reynolds Middle School was built in 1969. The most recent addition was D Hall allowing space for six classrooms. The science wing is located in C hall, while the Media Center, B107 & C7 are designated computer labs. The school grounds include landscaping donated by the PTA to accent the school’s front sign, Joey’s garden as well as Autistic courtyard. RMS does not have central air condition. Rather, AC is located in the science wing and specifically-assigned rooms for accommodations.


Reynolds Middle School is in Mercer County, New Jersey. The school’s campus consists of 27.9 acres and the students are housed in one building consisting of four wings. The current enrollment at Reynolds is approximately 1000 students. The bell schedule at RMS includes 9 forty-minute periods with 3 minute passing. Each classroom is equipped with a building fire escape map and emergency code procedures. Every month, fire and condition drills are conducted to ensure both staff and student safety. The building houses three computer labs and the media center provides the staff with over 18 computer carts including Chrome and HP Probooks. Every classroom is equipped with a SMARTboard or interactive board. The teachers at Reynolds Middle School utilize Google Classroom. Each student has received their own Google account in order to take part in different lesson planning activities from classroom to classroom. The teachers at Reynolds are evaluated using the Danielson Observation Model. All staff members are observed at least twice throughout the school year along with a Summative Evaluation Score in June. Reynolds Middle School houses the district’s middle school Autistic population. The Autistic Program has grown to four special educational teachers and over 10 assistants providing education in both core and noncore subject areas, technology, physical education and health, as well as social skills. The students in the Autistic classroom have a garden/courtyard dedicated to them to care for and decorate throughout the school year; they also run a coffee club each morning, in the foyer of the school, for the staff as they arrive. Reynolds Middle School communicates to students and parents through various technological outlets: school website, teacher websites, teacher email blasts, administrative phone blasts, Facebook and Twitter. RMS also provides the community with daily weather updates through the Weather Bug Station.

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