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Trenton, New Jersey
Mercer County
Trenton Public School District
Luis Munoz-Rivera MS is a public school located in Trenton, New Jersey with 519 students in grades 6-8.
RCMS is beginning the transition into a STEAM school. The Innovation Lab is almost ready for usage, with opportunties to use 3D Printers, VR Goggles, a Production area, and a state of the Art Researc
RCMS is a full service Community School focused on providing Wrap Around services, Mental Heath support and Parent Education to our community. We will open our COMMUNITY STORE this winter providing b

"Rivera Community Middle School is the first full service Community School in Mercer County, NJ. We have partnered with Mercer Street Friends, a social service agency that has been in Trenton for over 80 years. Our partnership has yielded on site supports in the areas of: Counseling and Therapeutic Services, Family Training, and Afterschool Programs. We have received a $1.5 million dollar grant from the US Department of Education meant to support our efforts.

400 North Montgomery Street
Trenton, NJ 08618
Principal: Ms. Bernadette Trapp
Students Share
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White 1%
Black 60%
Asian 0%
Hispanic 39%
American Indian or Native Alaskan 0%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0%
Multiracial 1%
School size
Female 48.9%
Male 51.1%
Economically disadvantaged students 75%
Students with disabilities 22%
English learners 13%
Homeless students 4%
Students in foster care 1%
Military-connected students 0%
Migrant students 0%
Students by grade
Average number of students per grade
Grade Percent of total students Students
6th Grade 34%
7th Grade 33%
8th Grade 33%
Academics Share
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English & language arts proficiency
of students

School climate Share
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Crime per 100 students
Incidents per year
Violence 35
Weapons 0
Vandalism 1
Substances 0
Harassment, intimidation, and bullying 1
Total incidents 37
Percent of students absent fewer than 10 days
Days absent Percent of students
0 days 4%
1 to 5 days 28%
6 to 10 days 25%
11 to 15 days 19%
Over 15 days 24%
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English 77.3%
Spanish 21.6%
Other 1.2%
About Share
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Learn more about Luis Munoz-Rivera MS.


Mission: Luis Munoz Rivera Community Middle School is committed to a positive and safe learning environment. Our community school fosters an environment of trust and mutual respect for all people. Our staff, students, parents, and community accept the responsibility of preparing students for academic success and to take a role in society as productive citizens.


"RCMS is a Traditional Middle School that provides instruction in; ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. We offer an accelerated class in ELA/MATH in each grade level. Technology is a priority in the school with all teachers/classes having access to SMART Boards and 98%classes using Google Classroom. A full array of the Arts is offered at RCMS: General Music, Art, Band, as well as Physical Education, Health, Swimming and Spanish. Due to the demand we have established a Bilingual Program to address the various needs of our students. We are implementing an ELA intervention, Lexia Power Up and provide After School Tutoring from January to June.


Baseball (Boys), Basketball (Boys & Girls), Cheerleading (Coed), Swimming (Coed), Track and Field - Spring (Boys & Girls)


RCMS offers the following clubs; Glee Club, Band, Art, Chess, Yearbook, Student Government, Robotics, Esports, Literary Magazine, Book Club, Drama with McCarter Theatre, and Intramurals in the Spring.


"RCMS is a partner with Boys and Girls Club and implements the 21st Century Learning Program. Students participate in a variety of clubs and programs as well as tutoring.


"Staff at RCMS are provided with opportunities to work collaboratively in content specific PLCs three days a week. Twice a week the staff meets in grade level groups to discuss students and their needs and plan for supports. As a Bilingual School we have identified a need to provide staff with Spanish Lessons as well as access to Rosetta Stone so they may improve their communication skills. Technology PLCs are ongoing to provide staff the supports needed to use the various technologies that are intended to enhance instruction.


"RCMS has a Intervention and Referral Team that meets regularly to discuss students in need of support and develop Action Plans. In addition, the staff meets twice a month to discuss students and to develop pre-referral supports; identifying ways to ensure students are in a position to find success either; academically, socially, emotionally, behaviorally. RCMS Specialized Services provides programming for IEP students from Mainstream, Inclusion, Resource, to Self-Contained classrooms. In order to address the growing need, Bilingual Classes and ESL have been established at RCMS this year. ELA interventions are provided via R180 and Lexia Power Up. There are numerous Afterschool programs for support and enrichment to address student needs.


"RCMS provides opportunities via our partnership with Mercer Street Friends to address the health and wellness needs of our students. We offer vision and dental screenings, participate in the Backpack for Hunger program, fresh fruits and vegetables, when in season, and have begin to plan for the development of a community garden. Additionally, students receive Health Education throughout the year, Physical Education and Swimming instruction. Universal Free Breakfast and Lunch are offered daily. Additionally, all students engaged in an Afterschool program are entitle to snack. The Boys and Girl''s Club provides hot dinner a number of times a month.


"RCMS in partnership with Mercer Street Friends has developed a Parent Academy that meets monthly providing educational opportunities in areas such as: Financial Literacy, Taxes, Reading/Math support. Through a local agency we offer parents on-line job training for a variety of fields and support them in the interview process.


"RCMS was once the home of the New Lincoln School, the first All Black School in Trenton, NJ, built in 1924. The school has grown since then with separate gymnasium, pool, auditorium, and cafeteria. RCMS was once the home of the New Lincoln School, the first All Black School in Trenton, NJ, built in 1924. The school has grown since then with separate gymnasium, pool, auditorium, and cafeteria. This year the school, with the support of ETS, has taken on the renovation of the Media Center transforming it into an Innovation Lab, this is slated to open in the SPRING of 2019.

School safety

RCMS works closely with the TPD and on site Security to ensure student safety. There are clear protocols and procedures in place to address off task behaviors. Staff are expected to be visible and on spot for supervision during all transitions.


RCMS is beginning the transition into a STEAM school. The Innovation Lab will formally open WINTER 2020. Staff are receiving training in various technologies and how they can enhance instruction. Some of these technologies are: Virtual Reality Goggles, Google Classroom, SMART BDs, 3 D Printers, and a production studio being incorporated into the Innovation lab. There is a Robotics Club, General Music is tied into technology ( Creation of music, beats..) and a coding club is available for students.


RCMS is open at 7:20 am for breakfast and some tutoring. The school day runs from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. The Boys and Girls Club program runs from 2:30 to 6:00 with opportunity to go to the Centre Street Site for Dinner at 6:00pm.

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