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Hillside, New Jersey
Union County
Hillside Public School District
Walter O. Krumbiegel Middle School is a public school located in Hillside, New Jersey with 455 students in grades 7-8.
Second year of providing mentoring for at-risk youth boys with Reggie Miller.
Mentoring support group for at-risk girls.
145 Hillside Avenue
Hillside, NJ 07205
Principal: Ms. Jeannie Paz
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White 8%
Black 64%
Asian 2%
Hispanic 25%
American Indian or Native Alaskan 0%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0%
Multiracial 0%
School size
Female 46.8%
Male 53.2%
Economically disadvantaged students 63%
Students with disabilities 15%
English learners 4%
Homeless students 0%
Students in foster care 1%
Military-connected students 0%
Migrant students 0%
Students by grade
Average number of students per grade
Grade Percent of total students Students
7th Grade 52%
8th Grade 48%
Academics Share
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English & language arts proficiency
of students

Math proficiency
of students

School climate Share
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Crime per 100 students
Incidents per year
Violence 30
Weapons 0
Vandalism 1
Substances 2
Harassment, intimidation, and bullying 9
Total incidents 42
Percent of students absent fewer than 10 days
Days absent Percent of students
0 days 7%
1 to 5 days 41%
6 to 10 days 28%
11 to 15 days 14%
Over 15 days 10%
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English 59.6%
Spanish 16.7%
Haitian 7.3%
Other 7.0%
Portuguese 6.2%
Creoles and pidgins, French-based 3.3%
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Learn more about Walter O. Krumbiegel Middle School.


Our Mission at Walter O. Krumbiegel Middle School is to provide a supportive, dynamic environment in which students develop the academic and social skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing global society. We will accomplish this mission by engaging families and the community, encouraging character development, and ensuring a rigorous, relevant curriculum and culture for all.


The students' course of study includes an inquiry-based science program, eighth grade algebra classes, Spanish, computers and artistic enrichment rotations. We offer an honors program which includes gifted and talented,+M2:M7 pre-algebra and algebra electives in addition to honors level courses in all core subject areas. Our instrumental music program and school chorus provide students with a foundation in performing arts.


Baseball (Boys), Soccer (Boys & Girls), Softball (Girls)


The following clubs are offered: Art Club, Algebra Club, Book of the Month Club, Dance, Jazz/Blues, Service Learning Club, Multi-cultural, Robotics, Yearbook/Photography, Newspaper, Student Government, National Jr. Honor Society


Tutoring is provided to all students after school on Mondays through Thursdays from 3:27 pm until 4:27 pm in math, ELA and science. A breakfast program is also provided to students.


Teachers and administrators are engaged in a variety of professional learning opportunities, both on-site and off-site. Key PD for the 2018-19 school year included Supporting ELL in the General Education Classroom, Introduction to Culturally Sustaining Practices, Canvas Training, Behaviors in Adolescents.


Intervention and referral services are provided to assist students who are experiencing learning, behavior or health difficulties. Services for English Language Learners are provided through English Replacement ESL classes. Students with disabilities are served through inclusion and resource classes, as well as a Multiply-Disabled (MD) Program.


Physical education and health classes are assigned to all students. Breakfast is available to all students.


WOK has an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This group meets monthly to support students'' academic and social growth. Fund-raising to supplement school activities and planning parent workshops are just two of the many ways in which the PTA is an integral part of the WOK school community. WOK also partners with the Food Bank.

School safety

Students and visitors must be checked through one of our metal detectors prior to entering the school. Visitors must also provide a valid ID. Monthly fire and lock-down drills are conducted. Full evacuations are held twice per school year.


WOK offers a Robotics class and after school club, PLTW class and Junior Engineering Club.


Chromebook carts are available to all teachers to utilize in the classroom to enhance instruction.

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